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About the Spa

Soyokaze Massage + Skin Care, best luxury spa in Midlothian, Texas, best massage and facial in DFW Area

Soyokaze is a space that aspires to bring you light, joy, and peaceful serenity.

We are a woman-owned small business built to be a safe, secure, and supportive space for empowering our team of incredible women, as well as to take excellent care of each person that enters our doors.

We aim to provide a place in which every aspect of your comfort has been taken into account. We encourage you to make your escape from the moment you walk in the door, allowing us to provide you with a distraction-free environment where you can simply relax and let the outside world slip away.

We invite you to experience the difference, enjoy the moment, and breathe deep.


Soyokaze is a different spa experience. We value your total peace and wellness, and therefore have structured our practices to accommodate full permission to let go and be completely in the moment.



Your mind should be fully immersed in the experience at hand - not feeling anxiety over what the "correct" amount to tip should be. Our therapists are taken care of so that you may be taken care of. Should a tip be left, it will be gifted back as a credit towards your next session. Thank you for the kind gesture, but it is not who we are.


Every appointment at Soyokaze is protected time that you have dedicated to yourself. Your time is just that - your time. Your time to disengage from the surrounding world, to tune in to how you're feeling.


We do not think you're rude if you don't have a conversation. In fact, we encourage the opposite - for you to fully be in the moment.


An hour session here means an hour of hands-on therapy for your massage and skin care routines. Unlike other places, where any preparation before or after is calculated as part of your allotted session time, your transition time here is our gift to you.


Soyokaze is an appointment-only studio.


It is best to call us as soon as your schedule is known so that we can best accommodate your preferred date and time.


When scheduling at Soyokaze, you will be asked preferred length of facial or massage, and for what modality you're wanting to schedule for - relaxation or other modality. It is very important to let your scheduler know at this time if you are currently pregnant, as there as certain therapists and services for prenatal guests.

Please keep in mind that evenings and weekends do fill up the quickest, but that a call list is available if your preferred time is not currently available.

If scheduling a large group, kindly give as much notice as possible for us to make proper accommodations. 4+ weeks notice is ideal.

A valid credit card or gift certificate number is required for all reservations. Credit cards will not be charged at time of scheduling unless you'd like to prepay, and other payment methods may be used at check out. Cards and gift certificates are held on file to adhere to our Cancellation Policy.

For your first appointment, kindly arrive 10-15min prior to your scheduled start time, as we do have a first-time client intake form to be completed before appointments can begin, as well as a consultation with your therapist. 


If you are a returning client, kindly arrive 5-10min prior to ensure that your appointment starts on time. However, you are welcome to come as early as you'd like to absorb the benefits of our Relax Room. There is a lovely set up that includes cups for water and warm hand towels.

All clients will be asked a quick verbal wellness check as check-in to ensure there are no contraindications for your session.

Appointment hands-on length of time is guaranteed, however, if you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled start time, please be aware that the appointment may be subject to shortening in order to respect other scheduled appointments' start time and duration.


If you arrive more than 30 minutes after your scheduled start time, the appointment may be subject to our Cancellation Policy.



The best way to prepare for your time at Soyokaze is to get comfortable, take a few deep breaths, and start slowing down your thoughts. Take your pre-session time seriously to fully maximize your relaxation.

We invite you to release any feeling of expectation during your time at Soyokaze - to allow each experience to be its own entity, free from comparison in the moment. Allow yourself to absorb each moment of each session as its own form of healing and self care. Allowing your mind to freely wander into silence is a powerful source of relaxation and is highly encouraged.


Letting the mind be still is a learned skill, and becomes easier with practice. Please feel free to use all of the spaces provided to practice these beneficial skills.

Trust your therapist. Trust yourself. Trust the environment in which you are in and feel safe enough to let go.

Soyokaze Massage + Skin Care, best luxury spa in Midlothian, Texas, best massage and facial in DFW Area

Feel free to arrive in whatever clothing you are most comfortable in. A robe is provided in case you need to use the restroom during your appointment, or if you are changing rooms for a second service.

When you enter the room, there will be a stool in the corner to set your personal belongings on, and a hook for any items you wish to hang. We understand that it can be hard to "wake up" after a relaxing experience, so please take extra care to collect all of your belongings prior to exiting the room, as we cannot be responsible for personal items left behind.

You will dress down to your comfort level, and then lie under the top sheet and blanket. Draping is used during all appointments. Only the section being worked on at the time will be uncovered at any given time, so you will never be exposed during your appointment.

All tables are heated. Should you have sensitivity to heat, please notify Soyokaze prior to your appointment. For those who chill easily, extra heat or blankets are available upon request.

Should you have lower back issues that make lying flat uncomfortable, please let your therapist know and they can adjust the table to sit up slightly for your comfort. Similarly, the tables tilt if needed for relief when face-down - a great option for those with allergy-related congestion.


Soyokaze schedules to allow proper time for all guests to wake up, dress, and exit the room, as well as time to properly sanitize before the next guest begins their journey. Please note that if a tip is left in the room, it will either be returned in the moment or as a gift certificate for your next session, as we do not accept gratuity.

Please feel free to take your time to comfortably acclimate to the waking world again. We do ask that you be sensitive to how your body responds as you bring movement back to the limbs.

Should you require more time to mindfully resurface, the Relaxation Room is available for as long as you'd like after your session.


At the end of your time with us, you will exit through the main lobby. There, you will receive handmade artisan chocolates as a small token of gratitude for being with us. If you would like, there is a take-home aluminum bottled water available. Should you bring a refillable water bottle, we will happily refill your water for you - and thank you for helping us reduce waste.


Should you have any food sensitivities, kindly give prior notice for proper accommodation. Please remember to stay hydrated after your session.



We understand that massage therapy is not always just a feel-good experience, but can also be crucial care for chronic pain, short-term issues, or body maintenance in conjunction with medical care. Some insurance plans will cover, either partially or in full, massage therapy sessions.


ICD10 Coding is available upon request. Each insurance coded receipt will have an ICD10 Code, CPT Code, and our EIN number for insurance submittal.

Please note that we do not accept insurance ourselves, nor do we submit claims on your behalf. We are happy to assist within our realm of capability. Should your specific insurance plan require a different code or information, please let us know and we will make the proper adjustments.

Flex spending cards are accepted at check out when ICD10 codes are used.


Soyokaze strives to be a space in which you can come to fully relax. Since appointments are continuously occurring, please speak quietly and be mindful of conversations when in the hallways or Relaxation Room.

We prioritize silence in order to allow you full permission to rest, but please be aware that if you are feeling uncomfortable for any reason during your session, you are allowed and encouraged to let your therapist know. We unfortunately cannot read minds, so please speak on it!


Cell phones are best turned off or onto airplane mode to minimize distractions.

As a scent-neutral environment, kindly leave strong perfumes and colognes off when coming in for an appointment. We are a blank canvas for you to float away in and we appreciate your help in keeping our environment neutral for all guests.

Please know that all of our lovely full-time guest accommodation associates are trained to the same standard of communication, so that we can ensure clear and precise communication with you. We will take excellent notes to make sure to assist you the best we can in all contact, so if you need anything specific, please just let us know.

If you must cancel or reschedule, please notify the studio 24-hours in advance to allow us to schedule another client during that time.

Soyokaze therapists are paid per appointment completed. We take our duty to take care of our therapists very seriously and therefore take our rescheduling, cancellation, no show policies very seriously.

Any cancellations or rescheduling with less than 24-hours notice that are unable to be refilled with another client will be charged the full value of the scheduled service.


Clients who no show on their appointments will be charged the full value of the scheduled service.


All clients are given an email and text confirmation at time of scheduling, as well as a text reminder twenty-four hours before their scheduled start time and an email reminder eight hours prior to appointment start time. A Soyokaze scheduling associate will call the day prior to confirm if the appointment has not been digitally confirmed. A valid email address and current phone number is required when scheduling.

When scheduling an appointment with Soyokaze, you are agreeing to these policies.




As we look towards the future, Soyokaze is dedicated to departing from the "day to day" way of doing business, by reducing overall waste and making the switch to renewable energy. While our master plan for this dedication is still on-going, we are proud to announce that we have made the switch from single-use plastic bottles to water decanters around the facility with sustainably made wheat-straw cups available, as well as highly reusable and recyclable aluminum take-home bottles.

We have already made the switch to all LED lighting for minimizing energy usage, replaced single-use paper towels with cloth towels, switched to reduced-waste soap options, and are currently "re-wilding" our landscapes to be both water- and pollinator-friendly.

We have partnered with local businesses who are able to reuse material packaging that is otherwise hard to recycle.

We are working towards sourcing biodegradable, home-compostable chocolate boxes made from recycled materials.

We are also working towards a full solar roof with battery back up and are excited for our bright, sustainable future.

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